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A New Relationship with Yourself
through an Intensive Psychological Experience.

A Sacred Solo is a unique and transformative psychological act designed to inspire an emotional breakthrough and profound personal awareness. 

It involves setting intentions for private journey, visualizing leaving everything behind, and taking off for a pocket of time where the road becomes your medicine. 

A "solo" is a way to engage your senses and your soul. You return home refreshed, alive, and inspired.

"On my solo journey, I swam in a river, drove to the top of a mountain to see the city from above, and stayed overnight by the airport where the jets flew over my room. I came across otters, a tarantula and wild boars. By the end of my trip, I recognized a calm inside of me. I realized I could have powerful experiences alone and find a peace inside that I needed more than anything." 

- Chris B., Completed 3 sacred solos using this system 

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6 Hours of Interactive Classes
and One Powerful Journey Alone

The SACRED SOLO Online Retreat takes you through the process of designing your own solo in a way that impacts all areas of your inner and outer life.  

Since 2012, Michael has been teaching clients and workshop students how to take their emotional healing into their own hands, helping them to experience a personal awakening out there, somewhere, alone. 

The work is safely structured to allow you a cinematic sensation of life for a precious pocket of time. Even an hour's drive away from home can trigger a release.   

"The Sacred Solo Online Retreat gave me a renewed sense of gratitude for my life. I see my family and home through a fresh set of eyes. It was a spring cleaning for my mind."

Carmela V., MA in Counseling, graduate of the online retreat.

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One session can lead to a great journey...

"Whenever I feel I am losing the ability to communicate with someone I remember to use the mirroring techniques I learned from Michael." - Lori S. / Business owner and former coaching client  


You may want to use this time as a way to try working with Michael as a coach or teacher for your group. Your initial free 20 minutes will help you determine that. 

Mirroring will show you an energy that integrates the best of who you are into the present moment of connection with another. Like any art, it needs practice. Yet through practice, qualities will naturally develop within you that make an impact on your life and work. 

Do you feel like you are always adding new tasks to your to-do list but never crossing anything out? My specialization will help guide and inspire you to achieve more of your personal and professional goals. Get in touch today and start taking control of your life with my coaching tools and techniques.

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Who is a good fit for Michael's coaching?


People who have had success and want to work through a chronic challenge or a difficult passage of time.


People who are eager to make their mark and express themselves, who are faced with significant need to make a change in life, work or a relationship.


People who are aware of energy and healing that want to go deeper or connect to place they haven't reached yet.

"Whenever I feel I am losing the ability to communicate with someone I remember to use the mirroring techniques I learned from Michael." - Lori S. / Business owner and former coaching client  

Once you have spoken with Michael and decided that you're ready, you will mutually decide on an agreeable time and rate for weekly sessions. Typically clients are asked to see this as a 3-6 month commitment. Some stop before, some continue learning on and on. 

Each week, you will check in with Michael about the direction you are seeking, or the conflicts which you want solutions for in life and work. You will begin to sense where you are in tune with your inner strength, and where you may have split energy on certain subjects. 

Through the practice of mirroring, you will learn how to move past emotional reactive patterns and gain access an inner knowing and personal wisdom. And by taking a solo journey during your coaching program, you will reclaim the person who you really are and come home ready for real and significant change. 

"In the first minutes after speaking with Michael, I could here his compassion and wisdom. I knew I had the teacher I was seeking." 

- Diane S. / Business owner and co-founder of an on the ground charity in Uganda / Graduate of the Coaching Program including taking a 3 month solo journey around the globe using the system. 

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