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Programs of Healing and Transformational Coaching via Zoom Communications

"In the very first moment I spoke with Michael, I was able to sense his deep compassion and wisdom. I knew I found the teacher I needed."  

- Diane Stern, Business owner and co-founder of S.O.U.L. Foundation, an on the ground charity in Uganda


Receiving Michael's coaching and guidance...

Michael will set the stage for you to consciously create your life from the inside out.

It is like having a guide who sees the real you, helps you to listen to your truth, drawing out your authenticity into new decisions, attitudes and achievements.

“Working with Michael has allowed me to enjoy my healing journey with much more clarity, ease and authenticity. Through solo travel, mirroring communication practice, affirmations and other processes, Michael has allowed me to open up to and own my deepest truths. He is a gifted teacher and a masterful guide.”

- Chad C., yoga teacher and 4th degree black belt in Aikido, graduate of the coaching program. 

Move through real change in relationships, career, leadership and life direction...

Each coaching session, you will check in with Michael about the direction you are seeking, or the conflicts which you want solutions for in life and work. You will begin to sense where you are in tune with your inner strength, and where you may have split energy about certain subjects. 

Through the practice of mirroring, you will learn how to move past emotional reactive patterns and gain access an inner knowing and personal wisdom. And by taking a solo journey during your coaching program, you will reconnect to the person who you really are and always have been while out there on the road by yourself. 

"Michael gives us the space to step into our real self."

-Rebekah P., Coaching Client

How does the coaching program work?

After you have experienced a taste of Michael's teaching - say at a live workshop, online class or through his YouTube channel, you may then sign up for your initial coaching session for free.

Coaching happens primarily via Zoom Communications, but other mediums are useful as well. 

From that initial session, when you know Michael has something to offer you as a coach, you will be encouraged to make a 90 day commitment to receive hourly sessions either weekly or bi-weekly.  

Your sessions will involve checking in with your progress, practicing mirroring communication with Michael (for stress relief, personal awareness, breaking out of negative patterns).  Over time, you will begin to sense an internal change in attitude, awareness and energy. 

Who is a good fit for Michael's coaching?


People who have had success and want to work through a chronic challenge or a difficult passage of time.


People who are eager to make their mark and express themselves, who are faced with significant need to make a change in life, work or a relationship.


People who are aware of energy and healing that want to go deeper or connect to place they haven't reached yet.

"Whenever I feel I am losing the ability to communicate with someone I remember to use the mirroring techniques I learned from Michael." - Lori S. / Business owner and former coaching client  

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