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MIRRORING is a communication practice.

It helps us to be present to our deeper authenticity in the moment. This helps us heal ourselves, awaken to our innate wisdom, change dynamics in life and relationships, and impact others in better ways. 


Personal Coaching, Corporate Wellness Training, Online Retreats and Recordings all available below.

Crossing the River

"Michael's energy can help a medical office reduce stress, connect better to patients and employees, and refine their focus towards wellbeing in their environment and culture. We learned how subtle emotional reactivity can be and how mirroring can help you move through it."

- Markel Appy, Practice Manager, A to Z Eye Care in Arcata, California

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MIRRORING: A communication practice that breeds energy, well-being and clarity.

“Whenever I feel I am losing the ability to communicate with someone, I remember to use the mirroring techniques I learned from Michael. One important person in my life said to me, I’ve never felt heard by you until now. Thank you to Michael for these compassionate and wise teachings. He is a true healer.”     

- Lori S., former coaching client and business owner


“After a mirroring coaching call with Michael, I feel like I’ve taken an elevator to the sky. I’m soaring!”

- Chanie T. , coaching client and parenting trainer

“Michael gives us the space to be our real selves.”

- Rebekah Paez, coaching client and workshop attendee

What is Mirroring and how can it help me?

Simply put, mirroring is repeating exactly what you heard your partner, or any person that is in front of you, has said. It is a tool of mindful communication practice, that teaches you to slow down and listen, and allow the emotional energy to shift into more ease, more acceptance and understanding, and more strength, energy, clarity, intuition and well-being. 

Michael can teach mirroring to a coaching client wanting to gain control over challenging personal situations.

He can also train leaders, groups and organizations the key ingredients to mirroring, that they may create more power in their environment because of the focused practice of these ideas and skills.  

As in martial arts, ongoing practice of mirroring can lead to significant breakthroughs, understandings, victories and progressive movement through real issues. 

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Business Partners


Weekend immersion into mirroring practice. 

The HEALING MOMENTUM Online Retreat gives you an amazing direct learning experience of mirroring communication practice. With years of experience as a teacher, Michael uses visuals and exercises to impact you with the transformative power of mirroring, that you may create positive changes in your life or at work.

“Michael leads unforgettable workshops. He teaches you things you never knew about yourself.” 

– Carol, Workshop Attendee"


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or sign up for the next live HEALING MOMENTUM.

February 24-26th, 2023


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