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Jazz Saxophone Player

The ReBeats

A Jazz and Spoken Word Duo

Playing New York style Jazz, Latin and spoken-word with music in the style of the Beat Poets.

Tuning into a revival of the BEATS

When Michael arrived in Humboldt County, California in the summer of 2018, he had already developed a program of healing and transformation inspired by the visions and writing of Jack Kerouac (seen here on the Steve Allen show), the author of On The Road, and a key founder of the Beat movement of writers and artists that began in the 40's in New York and later San Francisico. 

Don was a part of that world back in the 60's. Traveling his adult life with bands all over the west coast and Asia, he was influenced by the philosophy and presence of the Beats, who saw a world outside of the American mainstream, one that saw expression as currency and tenderness as value.  

Michael and Don together reach towards the spirit of these peaceful innovators to send a message of love and intellect and spirit and joy in their music, that we may tune into the BEATS in a new way in this new and challenging age.

Kerouac was always seen as a writer who brought jazz to written word. The ReBeats are bringing the written word to jazz.  

Schedule a Session

Every Sunday Brunch at Blondies in Arcata, CA

With Humboldt County legend Don Baraka on alto sax, tenor sax, flute, and bass clarinet, and the New York touch of Michael Jason Sherman on the keys, the ReBeats bring flavorful sounds to Sunday Brunch at Blondies. And when we say jazz Sunday, we mean every Sunday.

Creating a big sound with a small band, the two long-time musicians set forth every gig with the intention of really listening to each other, and the audience can hear it and enjoy that psychic energy of the heart that is naturally generated with this kind of music. 

Whether with jazz standards, Latin vibrations or spoken word with music, The ReBeats come prepared with the sweet familiar and for the heavenly unknown.  Enjoy the family friendly indoor and outdoor atmosphere of this ongoing brunch gig.   

Every Sunday noon to two.

Available for lessons, music education workshops and live performance.

The ReBeats are like a living example of music and education, and in this way, you may want them for more. 

You can book us for traditional jazz duo performance. And the following: 

Michael may want them to teach you or your child about how to play a tune on piano. And you may want to invite Don and Michael to teach a workshop on jazz to youth or other community gathering.

And for those who have a particular ethnic celebration coming, Michael and Don (and other musicians) can play traditional Jewish and Klezmer music, playing under the moniker of "Reuven and the ReBeats," honoring a beloved member of the Humboldt county Jewish community, Reuven Moore, who recently passed. The accompanying video features a little bit of Hava Nagila, joyful celebration!

For lessons, classes, or performance, inquire below! 

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