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HEALING POWER of the Road...

A Week-long Online Workshop

Teaching you to design a your own transformational solo travel journey

Desert Road

8 Nights of Webinars and Coaching
Teaching You

Teaching You to Design a Unique Solo Travel Journey

"Taking numerous, prepared, solo journeys has helped me peel away the layers that often block me from accessing the real me. It helped me come back in touch with some core pieces of myself."

- Chanie T., Course Graduate and Coaching Client

A Week of Learning Like No Other

A Way of Experiencing a New Dimension of Yourself

Through a combination of inspiring audio-visual content, with graduate testimonials, step -by-step processes and guided visualization, the HEALING POWER of the ROAD online workshop will guide you to the next dimension of yourself. 

By integrating eastern principles, the hero's journey monomyth structure, modern pscyhology and well-being communication techniques, this unique and inspiring course will show you how to create a "journey" for yourself - somewhere out there, where you can get lost. If you are not ready to travel far, you can do what works for you, even skip solo travel and come for the webinars. 

But for those who see the value of what this class offers, will understand that this is a course in spiritual leadership, and the only leader is the one within and we find that being out there, somewhere, on ther road.... 

Wandering Traveler
Bridge Over River

HEALING POWER of the Road... 
is offered every 3 months.

that students may return for a new "solo" every season.

Everyone who takes this class has a unique voice and an important threshold to cross. We want you to feel your inner "Kerouac" come alive on the road, that you may know the mystic healing of detachment in motion that comes to you alone, on the road...

"The HEALING POWER OF THE ROAD online course taught me a powerful and accessible holistic process that combines self-awareness, communication, meditation, and movement to help me heal and grow as an individual. I am grateful to have learned this process which will continue to add to my personal development for the rest of my life."

- Dave C., Graduate of the Online Intensive and multiple solo travel journeys

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