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Successful Work Team


Small group consulting and large group workshops for leadership, communication, and a positive environment.


A Training Program for Corporate Wellness, Communication and Leadership.

In person or via Zoom Communications  

Leaders who are looking to solutions to problems such as releasing stress, improving listening, communication and energy of an environment, will gain much from understanding and using the practice of mirroring. 

Whether structured for a small team of leadership, or presented to a full staff, large organization or as a keynote to a conference, learning The Power of Mirroring will help you reach your goals in ways that lead to a sustainable shift of positivity and empowerment at work. 

Business Meeting
Business People Talking

What these leaders said about the impact of Michael's training:

"We sought out Michael's services to help us find solutions to the kind of issues that an organization like ourselves normally face. The material continues to be engaging and energizing as we return to it again and again. Chronic problems have been far easier.

Michael created a sense of ease and calm and helped us find solutions we couldn't previously see because of the pressures of the work environment." 

-  Marie Beauchemin and Karen Schragenheim / Executive Director and Assistant Director of A Starting Place non-profit preschool for children of all developmental levels and abilities (Pearl River, NY)

Learning with Michael:

Our life at work is also our life. No matter what level of success we have reached in our careers, we are always dealing with human issues that affect us internally along with those we work with and those we serve.

Our ability to lead others and make an impact can grow to a new dimension when we are able to practice the tools of well-being in our communication with others and internally with ourselves. Learning the practice of mirroring communication with a teacher like Michael will bring us to a new level in our attitude, our results, our energy and in our ability to listen and to lead. 

Mirroring is about receiving. Receiving is a skill we can all develop, but it is something we all deserve to know.  Please receive a gift of free training with Michael to show you how mirroring can help you in your work.  

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