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Girl in Nature


On Leadership, Communication and Wellbeing 

Live Interactive Classes Offered Monthly and Available for Download....

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Hi friend. This is Michael. Welcome. I invite you to learn about these important topics such as what emotional reactivity is really teaching us, the meaning of difficult relationships, intuitive leadership and more....

"Michael helped us to find solutions to issues that an organization like ourselves normally face."  

- Marie Beauchemin and Karen Schragenheim /

Executive and Assistant Director of A Starting Place preschool for childen of all developmental levels and abilities.  

HEALING MOMENTUM workshops feature beautiful images of nature from the northern California Redwood Coast, along with clear and impactful concepts, strategies and practices involving listening, affirmations, mirroring and more...

"Michael's methodology is brilliant and his workshops are outstanding."  - Hope Stanger, Holistic Health Counselor



that students may return for a new "solo" every season.

Everyone who takes this class has a unique voice and an important threshold to cross. We want you to feel your inner "Kerouac" come alive on the road, that you may know the mystic healing of detachment in motion that comes to you alone, on the road...

"The HEALING POWER OF THE ROAD online course taught me a powerful and accessible holistic process that combines self-awareness, communication, meditation, and movement to help me heal and grow as an individual. I am grateful to have learned this process which will continue to add to my personal development for the rest of my life."

- Dave C., Graduate of the Online Intensive and multiple solo travel journeys

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