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Programs of Healing and Transformative Counseling via Zoom Communications

"Working with Michael has allowed me to enjoy my healing journey with much more clarity, ease, and authenticity. His compassionate presence has allowed me to trust his process and precise insights. Through solo travel, mirroring communication practice, and self dialogue Michael has allowed me to open up to and own my deepest truths. Now I live from that place and it has improved every aspect of my life. He is a gifted teacher and a masterful guide."  

- Chad C., 4th Degree Black Belt in Aikido and Professional Yoga Teacher.


Graduate of the Coaching Program and multiple Solo Travel Journeys

Allow yourself to receive guidance.

Coaching with Michael is a way back to yourself. Whether working on yourself or on your relationship with a partner, you will gain a profound sense of empowered authenticity, relief from stress, understanding about your relationships, an uplifted mood, awakening of intuition, and a path of clarity through challenges and changes at home and at work.

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Bridge Over River

If you (or you and your partner) are feeling frustration about a chronic situation at home or work, negative emotional patterns and communication issues in your relationships, a sense that there is more to your life, then you may want to ask yourself, "Am I ready to receive the healing wisdom and ongoing support of an experienced coach?"

No one can fully know what you are going through. However, when you are working with Michael, one thing is guaranteed: You will be seen for who you really are. 

You may have success in one or more areas in your life. But are you suffering within? And are you understanding what is really going on in your relationships? 

Coaching with Michael can open you to a wider landscape about yourself, a sense of possibility previously seemed impossible, and a feeling of renewed connection with others - but most importantly a revolutionary experience of yourself. 

"In the very first moment I spoke with Michael, I was able to sense his deep compassion and wisdom. He helped me through a difficult time. I am grateful for his teaching and support." 

 - Diane S. / Former Client, Entrepreneur, Director of the Board of an on the ground charity in Uganda

What is like to receive Coaching with Michael?

Everyone's situation is different. What's important is that you (and your partner) feel safe, you get a sense that there is a credible method to the work, and that you can see that you are getting more and more value as you go deeper into coaching over time. 

Once you try a FREE 20 Minute Coaching Session (via Zoom, Skype or phone), and then follow that with a low-cost initial session, and you come to know that Michael can help you, then these are the empowering questions you will begin to ask yourself:

* How can I access the intuitive guidance that is living within me in spite of my problems or challenging situation?

* Am I willing to learn how to focus  my thinking, speaking and behavior patterns out of negative emotional reactivity?

* Can I understand what my partner (or others in my world at home and work) are teaching me about myself? 

* How can I develop a new relationship with myself and can I change the impact I have on those who are important to me? 

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Mirroring and Momentum

The one-two punch combination of ongoing communication training along with the experience of creating and going on a solo travel journey can make coaching an amazing part of your life.

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How Mirroring Practice helps.

Mirroring is a simple practice that we use in coaching sessions when needed. Think of it as a structured form of listening that leads to shift in emotional energy, like meditation. 

For individuals, it helps us to affirm what's true about ourselves, while allowing us to connect to authentic feelings. It helps us to feel seen, which is healing in and of itself. 

For couples, it helps us to hear our partner without negativity, to validate their emotional experience and to build "muscles" of validation and empathy that get us through difficulties and help us make hard decisions.

How a Solo Travel Journey helps.

The planning and execution of a transformational solo travel experience is a method of clearing negative emotions by temporarily leaving everything and everyone behind. It is a private, personal ritual and energetic reboot. You can take a short drive, or fly to the other side of the world. The road does the heavy lifting for you. 

For individuals, this is cutting the chord from patterns and people that keep you plugged into negative emotional blocks. It helps you feel alive and brings you back home with  new knowing about yourself and your life.  

For couples, this is a way of reconnecting to yourself outside of the world of your partner. It shifts you out of codependent patterns into a sense of relief and authenticity. It helps you to come back with a new perspective about your relationship --- perhaps forgiveness and loving reconnection, or sometimes confirmation that it's over. 

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Why Coaching is so important now?

Having a coaching relationship you can rely upon is a tremendous asset. Many of Michael's clients have reported that no one has seen this truth that has always lived within them, or that they are beginning to learn tools of well-being that they never knew existed. 

In this way, you ought to see starting a coaching program with Michael as a kind of personal self-defense - not kicks and punches -  but rather, a continual state of learning about self-acceptance and self-approval --- and when we use the word self, what is meant is not only this body and its bones and flesh, but also the spirit that is guiding us along on the journey we we have come for. 

You've already bought the ticket to your life. Now it's time to let Michael help you take the ride.

Meditation by the Sea

"After taking several solo travels, I not only came to a clear decision about my marriage,  I have reclaimed my authentic life. I am so grateful to Michael and this work." 

- Carol, Coaching Program Graduate 

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