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I'm a writer. A leader. A teacher. A coach. 

And also a healer. A musician. A mystic.  

'm Michael Jason Sherman. What I do is help leaders and deep thinkers to focus on the idea of "receiving" - meaning both listening better to others but also to sensing one's own wisdom, guidance and a path towards tremendous growth.

And no matter what the environment - coaching, live workshops or especially my books - I want to make you laugh, and I can "humbly" say I'm pretty good at that. 

I hope you can come join us in the free ongoing workshops I offer in Humboldt County, California, or take the free trial for our next quarterly week-long healing online workshops about solo travel. 

And I invite you to click the GET UPDATES button, to be on my mailing list. Thank you for being here. You rock! It means a lot.

Much peace and blessings, Michael

And always remember to keep it moving....