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I'm a writer.  A teacher.  A healer.

A musician. A mystic. A comic.  

Hi, I'm Michael. What I do is help leaders and deep thinkers to focus on "receiving" - meaning listening better and understanding others better, but also to sensing one's own wisdom, clarity and guidance.

I've had a life of learning and movement and living in diverse worlds. My learning now is how to teach what I know. In this way, I hope to impact people with practices that access new resources of energy. 

I have unique gifts that really help people. My professional life has centered upon teaching the public about mirroring communication, an energy focused, empowering communication practice. It's like music to me, and it has helped many others along the way. 

At heart, I am a writer. Books and stories of healing and movement live in my bones. My first published book is called: The Zen of Solo Travel: A Journey from Anxiety to Enlightenment.

I love teaching the road as medicine. -Michael

Sat on the Rocks

Bio and professional achievements

A life of movement, solitude, service and expression.

  • 2018 - present - Teaching weekly public workshops on communication and personal transformation in Humboldt County, California at HPRC The Connection in Eureka and Isis Healing Temple in Sunny Brae.

  • 2010 - 2018 - Taught ongoing public workshops in the New York area at centers including: Neolyth in Montclair, NJ, and Nyack Yoga at 42 Main in Nyack, NY.

  • 2015-2018 - Provided professional communications and wellness training to organizations including: A Starting Place preschool in Pearl River, NY, Rockland County Psychiatric Hospital, Christopher Street Financial (Nyack, NY), Helen Hayes Hospital day care (Haverstraw, NY), and more. 


  • 2012 - Developed and taught the "solo travel solution" program of personal transformation.

  • 2008 - Completed post-graduate training as a Certified Imago Educator / Life Coach

  • 1999 - Received MA in Teaching from Seattle University. Taught middle school English in Seattle and NY.

  • 1996-7 - Lived in Israel and graduated from the World Union of Jewish Students Work/Study program

  • 1992 - Received BA in English from Oberlin College in Ohio. 

  • Ongoing life long learning studying with top teachers in Aikido, Zen meditation, Tai Chi, jazz piano performance and other music, and other forms of healing, expression, spirituality and movement. 

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