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My name is Michael Jason Sherman.  I am a coach, workshop leader and author of the book, THE ZEN OF SOLO TRAVEL: A JOURNEY FROM ANXIETY TO ENLIGHTENMENT. 

For more than a decade, I've been helping individuals, couples, companies, conferences and groups to find powerful and innovative solutions about transformation and emotional well-being.

It's my mission to help people move beyond negative emotional patterns and into a feeling of empowered authenticity in their lives, their work and their relationships. 

You (or your partner or group) may seeking to learn about The Power of Mirroring transformative communication practice, which helps people to move beyond patterns of emotional reactivity into feelings of relief, clarity, authenticity   and validation.  

You may be ready to discover how the healing process of a solo travel journey can move you into your next level. Even a simple drive down the highway can awaken the spirit and organically move us through significant changes in life and work. 

I hope you learn more throughout this website. And please consider signing up for a FREE 20 minute coaching session via Zoom by clicking below and filling out the form. Thanks for reading. - Michael 

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There is nothing like the Healing Power of the Road...

Learn to create a private solo travel journey that moves your life to your next level.



by Michael Jason sherman

If you are looking for a book that makes you laugh, awakens your heart, and stirs your soul,

you found it. 

It's really two books in one.

The first - a memoir of Michael's trip to Japan where he came to grips with himself and his journey of fatherhood. 

The second - a series of spiritual principles about the "solo journey" we all must take in our lives. 


An Online Group Learning Intensive

Learn to design your own, private, personalized, healing and transformative solo journey.

No matter how near or far you can go, learning this system of healing will help you break through significant blocks in your life and return you to a state of clarity, empowerment and authenticity.

This online course takes you through the steps to design your first or your next solo journey. 

Offered quarterly.

Try the first night for FREE!


Transformational Communication Practice

for well-being in life and work

MIRRORING brings you healing energy and deeper understanding about your relationships.  


Mirroring Communication is an excellent tool for individuals or couples in private coaching who want to be heard, understood and empowered.


It is a technique the helps us to move beyond negative patterns, while helping us to hear the voice of guidance from within. 

Learning mirroring will help you relieve stress, make sense of yourself and your situation, feel appreciated and empowered, and organically discover solutions to real-life problems. 

Consider a FREE 20 minute Coaching Session with Michael via Zoom Communications. Click below.

Through compliant professional training of leadership and staff in groups, organizations, companies and conferences in the techniques and principles of Mirroring Communication, entire professional environments can shift into greater well-being.

Mirroring leads to relief of stress, feelings of appreciation, intuitive problem solving, and a greater sense of purpose at work.  Learn how our Corporate Wellness Training Programs can help you create positive change.

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HEALING with Michael 

YouTube Channel 

High quality content about emotional healing, mirroring affirmations, client testimonials and the art of transformational solo travel. 

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“I see a vision of a great rucksack revolution thousands or even millions of young Americans wandering around with rucksacks, going up to mountains to pray, making children laugh and old men glad, all of 'em Zen Lunatics who go about writing poems that happen to appear in their heads for no reason and also by being kind and also by strange unexpected acts keep giving visions of eternal freedom to everybody and to all living creatures ...”



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