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Solutions for Well-being and Sucess 
in life and work.

Books, Multi-Media, Coaching, Online Workshops and Corporate Wellness

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Hello, and thank you for reading through this website. I hope it brings you something you need.   

My work is about helping people. It may be teaching a coaching client how to recognize and trust their own intuition, wisdom and authenticity. Or teaching a workshop on mirroring communication to create positive energy and wellbeing. 

My approach is simple: I see people for who they really are.  We can act from that place in our smallest interactions and in our biggest decisions. I help create that structure that guarantees your intuition to shine and feel seen. 

I've been teaching this work for more than a decade with people from both coasts and beyond. I've helped leaders, executives, entrepreneurs, philanthropists, techies, rockstars, retirees, psychotherapists, holistic healers and artists. 

Wherever you fall in this spectrum, I hope that you see yourself as a willing partner with me in this joyful learning process of empowering energy through listening. Thank you for reading and for being you. I'm here to help. 

- Michael Jason Sherman, MA 

* Certified Imago Dialogue Coach and Educator.

* 13 years professional experience giving workshops and trainings.


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Nature Reflecting on Crystal Glass

Experience The Power of Mirroring for Yourself.

Choose your best path of learning with Michael and begin with a Free 20 minute session. 

For Personal Healing and Transformation or for Corporate Wellness, Leadership and Communication Training.

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Wandering Traveler

Private Coaching for Personal Transformation

"Michael has helped me to open up to my deepest truths. I live from that place today."

- Chad C.,  4th degree Aikido Blackbelt, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Teacher and Yoga Instructor 

Corporate Wellness Consulting and Training
for Communication and Leadership

"Michael's methodology is brilliant. His workshops are inspiring and grounded in daily life." 

- Hope Stanger, Holistic Health Counselor

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Bridge Over River


Books, media, online learning and live workshops,

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HEALING MOMENTUM: Workshops on Leadership, Communication and Well-being.

"I loved it. This class is so needed. So deep. It's magic."

- Chanie T., Healing Momentum student and graduate of the solo journey coaching process.

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and inspiring at-home learning experiences

"Expertly weaves Eastern philosophy, vision questing and universal spiritual principles. This book presents a method - a 'meditation of motion'."

    - Barry Vissell, MD, co-author, with his wife Joyce, of 6 popular books / Shared Heart Organization.

Shop for Michael's book and powerful, transformational workshop recordings and series. 

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YouTube Channel

Transformative, interactive videos to uplift and empower your mind and body. 

"Beautifully done." 

Amanda Pollock, Professional Reiki Practitioner.

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